Deltalet R-16 Ural is a two-seat ultralight aircraft with a balanced control. Small dimensions in a packaged form, light weight, ease of assembly and disassembly allow owners to minimize the costs of storing, parking and transporting the delta-plane. All these advantages make it simple and easy to operate and maintain. The versatility of the design makes it possible to use the delta-plane as an aerosleigh or glider

    Main differences and advantages:

  • Unconventional-constructively power circuit (KSS). It is a forked folding pylon and an arcuate chair. If you look carefully, each of the three projections can be divided into four power triangles, which provide not only high strength and rigidity (with apparent openness), but also predetermine all other advantages of the delta trolley.
  • Folding chassis is a unique invention on the delta-plane (without complicating the design), which allows not only to pass through any door but to store and transport the delta-plane with the minimum space required. In flight, the retractable chassis increases speed and reduces fuel consumption by 10%.
  • High aerodynamic quality is achieved due to the minimum midships section and the use of profiled pipes on the wing, power pylons and chassis.
  • The ideal layout of the trolley allows you to have the necessary "pumping" in flight and landing. The center of mass is in the center of mass of the co-pilot, and the propulsion vector of the propulsion system passes through it. that does not change the delta flight balancing on different engine modes and with different in weight passengers. Significantly reduces the likelihood of a roll.
  • Equal strength and minimum weight. This critical aviation requirement is ensured by the accuracy of calculating the design of the delta-plane for strength and is confirmed by the rich experience and perfection of the design. This in turn is a guarantee of reliability and resource of the delta P-16 Ural.
  • Duplication of the main structural elements is a double side wing cables, the presence of safety ropes in power pylons. The presence of four points mount motorama, engine and other nodes.
  • Convenience in operation. Easy transport and storage. The length of the wing in disassembled form is 2.3 m. One person can collect and disassemble the delta-plane.
  • Unique flight characteristics, a minimum speed of 56 km per hour, a top speed of 130 km an hour, a weight return of 70%, a climb rate of 4 m with an engine of 50 hp.
  • All materials and structural elements are made of aviation materials.
  • And, at last, minimal expenses not only at purchase but also in operation.