About us

The firm OKB "Rotor" was founded in 1984. One of the most experienced companies with a well-deserved authority, specializing in the development of ALS in Russia. Design office and production is located in its own premises, located in the city of Kumertau. Technological park of the company includes machines (drilling, turning, milling CNC, grinding, etc.), welding equipment, electrical installation equipment, equipment for the painting site, as well as equipment and accessories for the manufacture of composite parts and products from plexiglass. Product testing and training flights are carried out at the sites registered in the Privolzhsky territorial administration of Rosaviatsia.

    Why choose us:

  • Efficiency and flexibility when executing an order taking into account all your wishes.
  • Training pilots for the competent operation of aircraft.
  • Assistance in processing documents in accordance with the RF Air Code.
  • Service and post-warranty service.
  • Rotor's products are tested by time and hundreds of grateful pilots.
  • Original development of an ALS with unique characteristics.
  • The "Rotor" OKB presents its achievements at various Russian and international air shows and exhibitions, as well as representatives and pupils of the club participate in the World, European and Russian championships in ultralight aviation, on the company's technology and take prizes every year. In addition to maintaining socially significant projects and commercializing innovative products, the OKB "Rotor" plans to create additional centers for the production and maintenance of aircraft. In addition, it is planned to establish a school for the training of ALS pilots, which will have the best effect on the development of Russia's ultralight aviation.

    The staff of the OKB "Rotor" is unique in its own way. Employees of the organization themselves design, build and themselves fly on the fruits of their own labor. Despite everything, the OKB "Rotor" has preserved the spirit of creativity, the desire to fly and create a new one. And so we can say with confidence that the history of this collective will be replenished with new bright names and events.

    We respect all who want to fly and are always ready to help you fly with pleasure.

    Activities of OKB "Rotor" are carried out on the basis of license No. 12050-AT issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.